Former Child Star Steven Hao Shaowen Is Now Married! [UPDATE]

Former Child Star Steven Hao Shaowen Is Now Engaged!

You might not recognise him now, but Steven Hao Shaowen used to be one of the biggest child stars during the 90s. Now 32, the former child actor is all grown up and ready to start a family. “I’m getting married!” he announced on April 1st. Turns out he just popped the question to his makeup artist girlfriend Lin Ningrui (林宁瑞)!

Taking to social media to share his good fortune, the actor happily announced that his girlfriend said yes and that no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Hao Shaowen is among the many actors that have turned to livestream e-commerce as another source of income. He had to temporarily stop his live streaming activities just so he can prepare for his proposal. It included setting up a series of photos reflecting their dating history as a couple. He also prepared a giant bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend.

Steven Hao Shaowen propose to his gf

Dear classmates, I successfully proposed yesterday, and I will be a man with a family in the future. We will surely live our lives well and so must you. Also, don’t bully my wife!!”  he captioned. Hao Shaowen also shared snippets from the proposal showing the couple giving each other a tight hug after she said yes. There’s also another photo of the newly engaged couple kissing whilst friends cheer them on in the background (with sparklers too!) and one of his teary eyed gf whilst probably watching the montage he prepared.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

Hao Shaowen appeared in several 90s hits notably in the Shaolin Popey (笑林小子) films with his partner-in-crime Shi Xiao Long, Naughty Boys and Soldiers, You are the Apple of My Eye and Oolong Courtyard where he reunited with his Shaolin Popey 2 co-star Ng Man Tat. As always, he can be seen sporting his trademark bald head and glasses.

Update: Steven Hao and Lin Ningrui got married on May 20, 2022, Chinese Valentine’s Day. Lin Ningrui revealed they were already on the way to get married on April 1st. They had to change their plans due to the pandemic but their determination to be together never changed.

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