Huang Zitao Does His First E-Commerce Livestream and Goes on a Rant Against Antis

Huang Zitao Goes on a Rant Against Antis During His First E-Commerce Livestream

Huang Zitao is the latest among celebrities to turn to livestream e-commerce in China as he held his first live broadcast on October 16. Within the first four hours, they made over 120 million RMB (approx 18.6m USD). By the end of it, they made over 200 million RMB (31m USD).

Huang Zitao Claps Back at Antis

During his stream, some antis left comments to claim that he’s taking advantage of netizens’ money. Huang Zitao went on an angry rant saying, “I’m looking at the comments and there’s quite a lot of sour grapes. I hope they keep at it… From debut until now, there’s dispute about anything I do. There will be people who like it, there will be people who don’t like it, of course. The most pitiful is when no one pays attention to you. Sour me all you want. No matter how you mock me, you can never surpass me…”

He went on to explain that in endorsements, the money goes from the brand to the agency to the celebrity in exchange for image rights. For his livestream, he has the stuff everybody wants for the cheapest price and asked what people would choose. He said that he didn’t feel anything seeing the numbers because everyone shopping happily is already his biggest joy.

On accusations that he’s exploiting netizens, Huang Zitao responds, “When the country was in trouble, I donated 5 million RMB (777k USD), I didn’t even take profit from my Young King Young Boss brand, took everything down and donated it to Henan. What have you done? The money I earned I gave to people, the money you earned, who’d you give it too? The things you bought on livestream, I bought those cheap, you get to be happy you bought it and you still diss me. Are you even human?”

Huang Zitao Goes on a Rant Against Antis During His First E-Commerce Livestream

Those are tough words from the singer-actor though not uncharacteristic of his usual bluntness. He previously cancelled the ritual of taking photos before events after his studio was criticized by some fans.

The next day, Huang Zitao took to social media to explain that making money depends on hard work and capability and not by being bitter. Those who think the e-commerce industry is easy money do not know the amount of effort behind it. He said he worked silently for this for a year and won the battle. The numbers are meaningless to him, to keep winning is the incontrovertible truth. In his entrepreneurial journey, he thanked each consumer and also said that he will prepare for the second battle to give the best benefits and discounts not found anywhere else.

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