Francis Ng Addresses Son Feynman’s Recent Antics: “Needs to be Educated”

Francis Ng Addresses Son Feyman's Recent Antics: "He Needs to be Taught a Lesson"
Feynman shares a photo where he mimics his dad Francis Ng

Feynman Ng, son of Hong Kong celebrity parents Francis Ng and Fiona Wong, first drew attention as a 5-year-old when he participated in the variety show “Where Are We Going, Dad? 2” with his father in 2014. Nowadays, at 15 years old, Feynman is quite a character on social media, often cracking jokes about his father, which may occasionally land him in trouble.

Feynman Triggers Criticism

Francis Ng, a critically acclaimed actor, is a mentor in the Chinese reality show “Memories Beyond Horizon,” where he offers sharp critiques to actors. However, Feynman suddenly took to social media to dissociate from his dad saying: “My name is Wang Jingwei, I don’t know who Wu Zhenyu is, don’t know who Wu Fei Man is…” He also joked that he “hasn’t seen his dad’s show,” “didn’t go to school,” “can’t read,” and “works at a vinyl record shop,” He also posted a black and white photo of a deceased “Ngai Wing-hau” (Francis Ng’s character in “Infernal Affairs II“) among his many other responses. Feynman later explained the character has nothing to do with the person playing it but triggered criticism nonetheless.

Francis Ng’s Response

Francis Ng publicly addressed his son’s behaviour by admitting the need for some “education”. The 62-year-old actor wrote, “My son, Fei Man Ng, has recently been trending on Weibo again. Of course, people tend to overlook the nonsensical ramblings of children, but as a parent, I’ve noticed something that needs to be educated. The behaviour of seeking attention on social media platforms like Weibo just for the sake of validation is a sad way to live.

In 2023, Feynman who amassed a substantial following online chose to make an announcement coinciding with Singapore’s National Day on August 9, saying that he’s withdrawing from his social media persona. He expressed how the internet can swiftly transition from praise to criticism, that he’s mentally and physically exhausted, which is why he’ll “fake his death.” Feynman stayed silent for months and only returned to social media this 2024, but it looks like he’s drawn criticism again. Nonetheless, he also has supporters, with others saying Francis shouldn’t be so mad at his son anymore as Feynman deleted the post already.

Source: Francis Ng, Feynman / Weibo

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