“Filter” Stars Tan Jianci in a Sci-Fi Romance with Li Landi as the Heroine Who Changes Appearances

Filter stars Tan JIanci and Li Landi

Tan Jianci and Li Landi have a new rom-com coming up! Titled Filter 滤镜, the sci-fi themed drama recently wrapped up filming so its on to post production before it even sees the light of day. This is another Tencent and Star Lotus Pictures production with Lost You Forever author Tong Hua as the main screenwriter. This time, Lost You Forever star Tan Jianci steps up to the lead role as he trades his ancient garb for a man in a suit and glasses.

Admittedly, the title, both in Chinese, which translates to “photographic filter,” and in English, sounds a bit intriguing. I suppose that’s where the sci-fi part comes in since apparently, the heroine Su Chengcheng portrayed by Li Landi acquires some sort of filtering ability to change her appearance thanks to a super advanced “filter bracelet”. The technology even allowed her to change her appearance into a guy called Quan Shengtang at one point, which incidentally also stars another LYF alumn as actor Wang Hongyi has been specially invited to star.

Wang Hong Yi in Filter

Unbeknownst to Chengcheng, Tan Jianci’s character Tang Qi meanwhile found each of her personas fascinating: Su Miao who acted bravely for justice, the like-minded Fang Jing as well as the sunny and handsome Quan Shengtang. But, to save her secrets, Su Chengcheng had no choice but to lie. Finally, Tang Qi uncovers the truth behind Su Chengcheng’s changing abilities.

Casting wise, Gao Hanyu plays the second male lead. Chengcheng’s other “personas” are played by Wendy Luo Qiuyun as Su Miao and Pu Tao as Fang Jin.

Filter starring Tan JIanci, Li Landi and Gao Hanyu wraps filming

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