Ding Yuxi and Deng Enxi Explore the ‘Love After Marriage’ Trope in “Chang Le Qu”

Ding Yuxi and Deng Enxi in the Historical "Chang Le Qu" with a Love After Marriage Trope

Wrapping up yet another historical drama, Ryan Ding Yuxi continues his streak of consecutive costume dramas. This time, in Chang Le Qu 长乐曲, marking his first collaboration with co-star Ancy Deng Enxi. Incidentally, the former child actress, celebrates her 19th birthday today, April 18th. Despite the 10-year age gap, their on-screen pairing seems promising.

Adapted from the novel The Singing Of Chang An’s Copper Sparrow 长安铜雀鸣 by Feng Huang Xi 凤凰栖, the story revolves around Yan Xing, played by Deng Enxi, a young woman who, from a tender age, apprenticed under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice, honing her skills in solving mysteries and using evidence to uncover the truth. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Yan Xing’s elder sister flees from an arranged marriage decreed by the Empress Dowager. To protect her family, Yan Xing steps into her sister’s shoes, marrying Shen Du, portrayed by Ding Yuxi, the leader of the Imperial Guards. As the newlyweds navigate their forced union, mysterious cases begin to unfold in the capital city.

It seems like the union between Yan Xing and Shen Du will involve plenty of bickering, as the two don’t exactly start off on the best foot until they gradually get to know each other. It also stars Mao Zijun, Shane Xiao Yan and Amber Song Fangyuan with special appearances from stars like Xuan Lu and Peng Xiaoran.

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