Ali Lee Mysteriously Cropped Out of Photos: Organisers Say “It’s a Misunderstanding”

Ali Lee
Ali Lee
Photos: Ali Lee / Facebook

Just trigger fingers or is everyone just reading too much into the situation? Nonetheless, the “mysterious” disappearance of Hong Kong actress Ali Lee from a bunch of pictures shared from a recent lecture held at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) has everyone baffled.  Especially when the original upload with Ali in it was suddenly deleted and a new one sans the 41-year-old actress was re-uploaded. Whatever the reason, the organisers were slammed for being disrespectful.

When the photos were re-uploaded, Ali who was standing beside fellow guest speaker Gordon Lam in the original was noticeably cropped out. Could this mean she’s still suffering the aftereffects of being blacklisted and “frozen”?

Meanwhile, separate posts from the Vocation Training Council (VTC) which IVE is a part of, as well as from IVE itself didn’t appear to address this controversy. In their Facebook page thanking both Gordon and Ali for sharing their career experiences with students in hopes of inspiring them, VTC merely alluded to the issue saying a detailed communication plan announcing deets from the event was not prepared, leading to “unnecessary misunderstandings”. They promised to use this experience to improve preps for future events.

Tsing Yi IVE meanwhile just thanked both Gordon and Ali for sharing their experiences and their journey as an actor to help encourage their students in their own path forward. They made sure though to include photos of Ali Lee in the photos shared.

Source: HK01, IVETsingYi

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