TVB Actress Ali Lee Is Not in “Big White Duel 2” But Her Voice Makes It Into the Show

TVB Actress Ali Lee Is Not in "Big White Duel 2" But Her Dialogue Makes It Into the Show
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It has been confirmed previously that Dr Ching Lok-Man aka Kennis Ching actress Ali Lee won’t be returning to the sequel of TVB’s Big White Duel. However, it seems Ali’s voice narration managed to make a little “cameo” on the sequel. A dialogue she previously recorded for the medical drama’s first season can be heard in Big White Duel 2 白色强人II which made its mainland premier on Chinese streaming site Youku starting June 22.  

After that finale on the show’s first season, the fate of Ali’s character remained undetermined. However, with her forced hiatus from the industry, it appears her character Kennis had to be dropped from the Big White Duel 2. At a recent press conference, Ali mentioned it was a pity she couldn’t appear in the newest instalment. “After all I had a role in the first season. I had a lot of fun with everyone and the whole story was very interesting. Generally speaking, it’s more or less quite unfortunate not to be able to appear in the sequel.”

As for the rumours of her making a cameo on the show, Ali straight up denied this. She did say though that she doesn’t know how an old dialogue she recorded for the show’s first season found its way into the sequel. “I didn’t watch the first episode so I don’t know what the voice narration is, and I didn’t record anything for the second season. Maybe the production cut the dialogue from the first season and popped it into the current episodes” she said.


Three years ago, Ali Lee was one of TVB’s most popular actresses. However, this all changed at the drop of a hat when her pro-democracy political views on social media supposedly upset the powers that be on TVB management.  As a result, Ali was sidelined by the station and kept from filming anymore projects out of fear of losing mainland viewers.  Luckily it didn’t take too long to jumpstart her career back up as early as 2020 when new projects from TVB started to slowly trickle in.

Ali previously mentioned that actors are very much dependent on the network giving them work. “We are very passive actors, and our work needs to be arranged by the company.” With TVB being super cautious about things, they started her back on small budget dramas catering more towards the local Hong Kong audience. This year, the actress was forced to take another step back from her career once again. Though this is not due to any more controversies but because of her health as long hours, stress and lack of sleep are finally taking a toll on her body.

Big White Duel 2 is a medical drama starring Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Kelly Cheung, Moses Chan and Nancy Wu. Out of the four main leads of the previous series, only Ali did not return.

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