92-Year-Old Veteran HK Actress Lana Wong Ha-Wai Back in Hong Kong for a Last Hurrah

Lana Wong
Lana Wong
Veteran Hong Kong actress Lana Wong

Veteran Hong Kong actress Lana Wong Ha-Wai walks to the beat of her own drum. Now 92, the star recently announced she’s holding a party as her last hurrah on April 28th.  “I feel like my physical condition has declined significantly. I really wish to take a group photo with all of my overseas based children present and share it with everyone. I also want to say a few things from the bottom of my heart” she captioned.

Nicknamed her “Ha-wai BB,” Lana Wong has endeared herself to Netizens for her cheerful demeanor and playful nature that would even see her dressed up as the Squid Game doll or Sailor Moon.

Screencap from wonghawai2012

“I hope to see my children because I don’t have much time as I’m already in my 90s”

Lana candidly shares she’s very happy her kids have all found their calling. But because of her age, she’s concerned about still being able to do the things she wants to do. The celeb confessed she’s not afraid of dying, even going so far as to share her wishes when she dies. “This year, I feel fragile maybe because I’m too old. After turning a hundred, no need to be cremated. My remains will be sent to the hospital to benefit others.”

In her heyday, Lana starred in films such as The Super Gang Actress and Wonton Love. After several relationships that didn’t work out, she married her husband Albert Poon in 1983. The couple appear to be as sweet and loving towards each other for 41 yers and counting. In 2022, she previously announced she was moving away from Hong Kong. But after two years in the US, it appears she’s back in her beloved Hong Kong once again.

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