Xiu Jie Kai and Wang Po-chieh Caught in a Fight While Celebrating Birthday at KTV: Describe Incident as ‘Ridiculous’

Xiu Jie Kai and Wang Po-chieh Caught in a Brawl Amidst Birthday Celebration at a KTV
Photos: lefthere036 and pochiehwang

Taiwanese media outlets have been abuzz with reports that Light the Night stars Xiu Jie Kai (who’s also Alyssa Chia’s husband), Wang Po-chieh and their friend Sam, the brother-in-law of late actor Alien Huang, were caught in a fight with a certain Chen and his friend in the early hours of March 6th. According to these reports, they were celebrating Xiu Jie Kai’s 41th birthday when their friend engaged in a verbal dispute with Chen that escalated into a physical altercation.

Shiou Chieh Kai 41st bday ends in a brawl
Screencap from Wang Po-chieh’s Instagram Stories

Xiu Jie Kai’s manager claims the actor stepped in to help defuse the situation. Fellow actor Wang Po-chieh who was also said to have intervened for the same reason shared snaps from the night of Xiu Jie Kai’s birthday celebration and captioned it, “Her (referring to Xiu) birthday should’ve been the happiest, experienced ridiculous things together.” The two friends were spotted outside the police station after giving their statements. Xiu sustained a wound near his left eye while Wang Po-chieh had blood stains on his shirt. Both parties have reportedly reached a settlement.

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