Alien Huang Found Dead in His Home

Alien FI

Taiwanese media reported earlier today that singer-actor Alien Huang, otherwise known as Huang Hongsheng, has passed away. He was only 36 years old.

The entertainer lives alone and was found already unresponsive inside his Beitou home only this morning. According to media, the exact cause of death still remains unknown at least until police can complete their investigation. However, preliminary reports show that there doesn’t appear to be any signs of forced entry or foul play nor were there any drugs and alcohol in his system. By some accounts, Alien Huang was discovered lying on the ground half undressed with a bloodied nose and mouth. The tub in the bathroom was filled up with water and the TV and air-conditioning were left running. Given this, Taiwanese media have ruminated on the possibility that he slipped and hit his head as he was preparing to take a bath.

Footage from security cameras showed Alien Huang returning home by himself at around 19:15 last night and did not go out again. Cameras also show his father arriving at 11:27 today. It was in fact Mr Huang who found him lying on the ground and calling it in.

Celebrity Friends Express Their Sadness

The shocking news of his death has brought in an outpouring of sympathy and disbelief from both his fans and friends in the industry who also know him as Xiao Gui (little ghost). High school sweetheart and first love Rainie Yang mourned his passing with the words “there are no words to describe the pain I am feeling. Hongsheng is like family to me, and I cannot accept this news. I will always remember his goodness, and please everyone, never forget his hardwork, dedication and talent. I will forever miss him.” Although the couple eventually broke up after dating for a long time, the pair have always remained good friends with each other.

Elsewhere, popular television host Jacky Wu who co-hosted variety show Mr. Player together with him also sent in his condolences: “he hasn’t won a Golden Bell Award yet when he passed. I even made a promise to bring him up on stage by next year at the very least.”

Alien Huang

Alien’s former best friend Show Luo posted “how could this happen?” on Instagram when news of his death broke. Meanwhile, other entertainment personalities like Matilda Tao Jingying, Dee Hsu aka “Xiao S”, Huang Zijiao, Alyssa Chia, Cyndi Wang Xinling, Joe Cheng and Chen Bai have also sent in their condolences.

Our sincere sympathies to the Huang family for their loss.

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