“White Cat Legend” Has Ding Yuxi Transforming into a Cat to Solve Crime with His Band of Allies

White Cat Legend 大理寺少卿游 has just hit 8,000 on iQIYI heat index. With its roots in both manhua (comic) and donghua (animated series), it tells the tale of Li Bing, the son of the former magistrate of Dali Temple (a judicial agency in ancient times), who returns after a mysterious three-year absence and gathers an underdog team of allies to solve crime. It sounds like your typical detective story except Ding Yuxi’s main protagonist literally transforms into a powerful white cat.

The narrative first unfolds with the meeting of Zhou Qi’s character Chen Shi, a naive, honest man from the province who’s looking for his brother, and Ding Yuxi‘s Li Bing in cat form. They become embroiled in a case involving a “cat demon.” Their initial partnership evolves to encompass a larger ensemble of officials from Dali Temple comprised of Wang Qi (Feng Man), Alibaba (Wa Er), Cui Bei (Vesta Ding Jiawen) and Sun Bao (Zhang Yicong), each with their own unique skills and quirks. Then there’s Miles Wei Zheming playing a general whose clashes with Ding Yuxi are to watch for.

Given that it’s a live-action, comparisons to the original are unavoidable. There’ve been complaints that the “sleuthing” is pretty lacking in depth in a genre where there are so many solid ones to choose from. There’s also resistance towards the addition of Ren Min’s character that’s not in the original. The 24-year-old actress makes a special appearance in a male-dominated cast. In the donghua, Li Bing is a human with the face of a cat. Ding Yuxi obviously can’t be the same in looks, but seeing the actor embody the mannerisms of a cat is a joy to watch. Besides, at the heart of White Cat Legend are the characters and their camaraderie, so I’m kind of in it for them.

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