Ren Min on Bashers Criticising Her “Big” Nose: I’ve Come to Terms With It

Ren Min
Ren Min

Ever since she starred as Zhu Yan opposite Xiao Zhan’s Shi Ying in The Longest Promise, actress Ren Min has been on the receiving end of complaints about her looks. From her being “too chubby” and that her face looked “swollen”, Netizens also bashed the actress for having a big nose. To be quite honest, I hadn’t really paid it a lot of attention had people not called it out online. But I guess for some, her appearance in the show may have put some off seeing that some people even reportedly questioned whether Xiao Zhan could singlehandedly carry off the show for them both.

Maybe it’s her hair and makeup or her styling in the series that’s a bit off? Some people said her appearance isn’t suitable for costume historicals. In the drama Ray of Light which aired alongside The Longest Promise, her modern looks seemed to suit her features more. But then Ren Min looked very pretty in Serenade of Peaceful Joy, another costume historical she appeared in which actually got her noticed by audiences.

Ren Min
Ren Min as Zhu Yan in The Longest Promise

Coming to Terms

Nonetheless, Ren Min doesn’t appear to be fazed by comments about her looks anymore. Whilst chatting with her cast mates in an episode of the reality show Wonderland Season 3 五十里桃花, Ren Min said she’s very aware of her appearance and that she’d already accepted that her nose is big. “But I feel that it’s okay to accept my own issues. For example, something that I feel is bad can be my facial features and my nose being relatively big. But then I already know about it, so when others talk about it, I don’t seem to be in so much pain anymore.” She also agreed with what her co-star said about self love being the most important. She added, “And when others say it, maybe you just think it’s like stating a fact.”

Ren Min confiding in her castmates in Wonderland Season 3
Screencapture: Wonderland Season 3

Glad to see she’s not letting the comments bring her down. Meanwhile, her supportive cast mate Niao Niao also pointed out that since Ren Min’s face is so small, that’s the only reason why her nose looks big. When Ren Min just laughed, she added, “objectively speaking, your nose is already very small.”

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