UNIQ’s Sungjoo Reveals Marriage and Fatherhood: Li Wenhan’s Unexpected Involvement

Kim Sungjoo, known as the main vocalist of South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ, recently made headlines over news of marriage and fatherhood. On March 2, the 30-year-old shared a deeply personal announcement. He wrote, “I have been thinking about these words for a long time, and today I would like to express my deep apology and gratitude to every fan, friend, and family who have always supported me. In life, there are always some decisions that require all our strength, and among them, I made a very important choice in my life – that is, in the past, I chose to get married and have a child.”

He revealed that he made the significant decision to marry and become a father and hoped to provide a peaceful and safe environment for his family. However, he has now chosen to disclose his family situation, not only to end all speculations, but also to share his happiness with everyone. Finally, Sungjoo expressed gratitude to his supporters while also apologizing for any surprise or disappointment his revelation may have caused. He said, “Finally, I hope every friend can find his or her own happy harbor.

While UNIQ which include members like Wang Yibo hasn’t exactly been active as a group, speculation surrounding Sungjoo ignited during his 30th bday livestream with fans, Uniqorns. Sungjoo actually played a recording of fellow UNIQ member, Li Wenhan singing “happy birthday” to him. It seems he didn’t realize that at the end of the video, Li Wenhan can be heard saying, “Is your son not asleep yet, come, let Uncle hug you.” Sungjoo looking visibly flustered quickly ended the livestream. It wasn’t the first time something like this happened, which further fuelled speculation.

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