“Squid Game” Grandpa Oh Young-soo Sentenced to Prison for Sexual Misconduct

"Squid Game" Grandpa Oh Yeong-soo Sentenced to Prison for Sexual Misconduct
Oh Young-soo as the grandpa in Squid Game / Netflix

Oh Young-soo, a veteran stage actor celebrated for his role as Player 001 in the 2021 Netflix sensation Squid Game, finds himself entangled in controversy stemming from incidents dating back to 2017. The trial culminated in a verdict on March 15, 2024, which found him guilty of sexual misconduct. The judge sentenced Oh to 8 months in prison, suspended for two years, along with a requirement to attend 40 hours of sexual violence education courses.

In 2021, Oh’s accuser, an unnamed actress he worked with in theatre, filed a complaint against him accusing him of inappropriately touching her, prompting a police investigation in Seongnam. She claims he groped and kissed her on two accounts in 2017. Prosecutors initially dropped the case, but the woman appealed. Prosecutors then charged Oh in 2022. This has come after his historic win as the first South Korean actor to win a Golden Globe earlier that year.

Regarding the accusations, the actor previously claimed he had only held the accuser’s hand to guide her during a walk around a lake. Given the guilty verdict, the 79-year-old actor maintained silence, only breaking it when queried by a reporter about his intention to appeal with a succinct “Yes.”

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