Real Huang’s Departure from F.I.R. Overshadowed by Wife’s Drug Allegation

Real HUang
Real Huang from FIR
Real Huang

It’s been quite an eventful week for former FIR member Real Huang. Not only did he celebrate his 20th anniversary in the industry, he also celebrated turning 44.  The singer-songwriter also launched his latest song whilst simultaneously announcing that he has “graduated” from the pop-rock band F.I.R.  Soon, he’s also embarking on his first solo Asian tour. Nonetheless, the happy vibes was marred by the unexpectedly news that his wife Flora Li or Huahua as she’s known, was arrested for the alleged possession of marijuana.

Media reports claim authorities searched a property of Huahua’s in Taipei Ciy where they supposedly seized the drugs and smoking paraphernalia. She was later taken in for questioning to determine the source and the purpose of it in her home. Real’s wife Flora Li is an internet celebrity and part-time model. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and have two children together.

“Not Kicked Out of the Group”

REal Huang says he wasn't kicked out

Before all the drama, Real rather cheekily said people cannot say he was kicked out of the group. This brings to mind his old F.I.R bandmate Faye who claimed she had been kicked out of the group without any warning. Both Real and Ian denied this and said it was Faye who wanted out so she can launch her own solo career. According to Real, his departure from F.I.R was actually a graduation on his end since his 10 year contract with the band is expiring this year.

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