Louisa Mak and Keith Shing Nuptials Turned Out to be a 4-Part Wedding

Louisa Mak and Keith Shing Nuptials Turned Out to be a 4-Part Wedding
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Hong Kong actress Louisa Mak and her pilot groom Keith Shing recently made headlines for their wedding festivities. What was initially thought to be a three-part wedding turned out to be even more spectacular, with a grand four-part wedding held within a single week.

The festivities began on March 23rd and concluded on March 29th, with Louisa and Keith sealing their union in a final wedding banquet. In a picturesque countryside setting, Louisa looked radiant in her Deep V wedding gown, accompanied by her father as she walked down the aisle. Amidst the blessings of their parents, the couple officially signed the marriage papers, marking the beginning of their journey together. The celebration transitioned into a lively party the same evening with Keith even performing for the guests.

Louisa Mak and Keith Shing’s wedding saga has captivated the public’s imagination, and rightfully so. The first banquet took place at the Shings’ walled village in Yuen Long District, featuring approximately 40 tables. The bride and groom showcased their Chinese style attire, with Louisa in a traditional red qipao. Veteran actor Lee Lung Kei also came to sing for the event. The celebration continued with a yacht wedding at Kennett Island, followed by a wedding dinner at a five-star hotel. Finally, the countryside signing of papers marked the conclusion of their wedding journey.

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