Lee Lung Kei Hopes for Leniency After His Fiancée Jailed Over Legal Troubles

Lee Lung Kei Hopes for Leniency After His Fiancée Jailed Over Legal Troubles
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Just a month since they gave an interview about their May December romance, Chris Wong (Wang Qingxia), the fiancée of Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei, has been jailed for multiple charges including overstaying her visa and forging academic documents. According to reports, Chris has overstayed her visa for a total of 3 years and nine months twice now. Per Hong Kong law, she may be facing up to two years behind bars and a hefty fine of HK$ 50,000 (~ US$ 6.39k). After being denied bail, the 36-year-old is currently held at the Tai Lam Correctional Institute where she will remain until her next hearing which is set for April 16.

Lee Lung Kei to Push Forward with Wedding Plans

Meanwhile, Lee Lung Kei who has been in Guangzhou for work was not able to attend Chris’ court appearance on February 20. Upon his return to Hong Kong today, February 21, a tearful Lee Lung Kei immediately rushed to her side. Afterwards, the 73-year-old shared that Chris was in good condition and believes she learned her lesson from this mistake. He claims he understands his fiancée made this mistake because he’s getting on in years and that she wanted to be with him. But regardless of what happens, the actor says he will continue supporting her. “She keeps a lot to herself. Perhaps it’s to shield me from worrying or perhaps to endure the burden on her own. She does not want to leave me” he said. Now if you’re thinking this incident will certainly put a pin to their wedding plans, Lee Lung Kei says their plans to wed will push forward as expected.

What Happened to Fiancee Chris Wong (Wang Qingxia)?

Previously, the veteran actor has always paid close attention to her residency status, ensuring that his fiancée travels between Hong Kong and the mainland regularly so she will not violate the conditions of her stay.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, Chris had applied to stay in Hong Kong through the Quality Migrant Scheme which requires the applicant to have a Master’s degree at the minimum. He claims she only told him about it after the pandemic and didn’t think much about the relevant certificates in the application.

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