Lee Lung Kei on Marrying Girlfriend Who’s 36 Years Younger, He Says: I’m Not An Idiot

Lee Lung Kei
Lee Lung Kei and Chris Wong
Photo: chrisart1017 / Instagram

Veteran Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei who turns 73 this year is set to marry his 36-year-old artist girlfriend Chris Wong at the end of 2023. The couple have already been dating for four years. But even before the pandemic hit, the actor revealed previously that he was already planning on flying to China to get her parent’s blessing. Update: Lung Kei was also rumored to have transferred seven of his properties to Chris’ name, which he later clarified was completely baseless.

The couple previously drew attention when they first went public with their relationship in 2020. Between them, they have a 36 year age gap which some people found to be uncomfortable. During a recent interview on TVB show (星光路上), Lee Lung Kei says he doesn’t really care what people think. “Because she’s mainland Chinese, some people even claimed she’s an escort.” He added that “with her family background and status, does she even need to do that? No, there’s no need. Besides, I’m not an idiot. And honestly, after dating for so long, I know her very well” he said. The former TVB actor has three kids from his previous marriage, all of whom are older than Chris.

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