Loong 9 Adds Three New Members: Post-Show Lineup Change Sparks Controversy

Loong 9 Adds 3 New Members: Post-Show Lineup Change Sparks Controversy

It was just this month that Eric Tsang introduced the new boy band, Loong 9, which emerged from Hong Kong’s Asia Super Young talent search. The competition featured 65 male trainees competing for nine coveted spots that ultimately went to Ollie, Ely, Archie, Kong Son Hei, Liang Shi Yu, Albin, Sean, Hugo, and Felix (listed in order of ranking). However, it seems that Loong 9 is already undergoing its first change with the addition of three new members: Zhang Haolian, who ranked 11th; Guo Dianjia who ranked 12th; and Chen Xinhao, who ranked 15th, both of whom are members of the Chinese boy band Boyhood.

It appears that the inclusion of the three new members signifies a strategic move, especially considering the show’s initial collaboration between the Chinese platform Youku and Hong Kong’s TVB. The group will now be divided into S Team and V Team, with Loong9-S based in mainland China and Loong9-V based in Hong Kong. The three new Chinese members will participate in Loong9-S activities, while Hong Kong members Archie (Sin Ching Fung), Sean (Man Cho Hong), and Hugo (Wong Yik Bun), who are all under TVB, will be part of Loong9-V.

While change may bring excitement, this announcement stirred dissatisfaction among fans, prompting questions about the point of the competition. Some also worry that the original Hong Kong members might be sidelined from mainland activities. This has fuelled accusations of unfair treatment and prompted criticism of the company’s management decisions.

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