“Asia Super Young” Winners “Loong 9” Boasts Several Yuehua Artists

Loong 9 together for a group photo

Asia Super Young 亚洲超星团 drew to a close on the eve of March 9, unveiling the nine winners who would form the new boy group Loong 9. The name ‘Loong’ symbolizes the Chinese dragon, a fitting choice as 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon. The Hong Kong reality show on TVB and Chinese streaming site Youku brings together a mix of idols though it’s evident that one particular agency has emerged.

Among the 9 winners, Yuehua Entertainment claims the majority with 4 artists, followed by TVB with 3, Banana Entertainment with 1, and Chen Liang, an independent trainee, rounding out the group as the 9th member. While several of them already belong to other groups, 17-year-old Ollie’s debut marks a significant milestone as his very first. It’s a full-circle moment for the youngest member of Loong9, who previously participated in the survival show Boys Planet without clinching victory. Ollie’s success, as the Asia Super Young top placer and as a Yuehua artist, further solidifies the agency’s prowess, especially considering that Zhang Hao, the top placer of Boys Planet, also hails from the same agency. It’s no wonder Yuehua Entertainment has garnered significant attention recently for its trainees’ consistent success in survival shows, indicating a remarkable track record for the agency.

Asia Super Young TOP 9

  1. Ollie (奥利) / Liu Tianyue
  2. Ely / Li Quan Zhe (李權哲)
  3. Archie / Sin Ching Fung (冼靖峰)
  4. Kong Son Hei / Jiang Xin Xi (江信熹)
  5. Liang Shi Yu (梁诗煜)
  6. Albin / Bai Ziyi (白子奕)
  7. Sean / Man Cho Hong (文佐匡)
  8. Hugo / Wong Yik Bun (黃奕斌)
  9. Felix / Chen Liang (陈梁)

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