Lee Do Hyun’s Debut Film “Exhuma” Hits New Highs While He’s in the Military

Lee Do Hyun's Debut Film "Exhuma" Hits New Highs

Exhuma, the latest paranormal thriller about two shamans, a geomancer and an undertaker helping a family move a grave, has been causing quite the stir. You’d think with a cast like Choi Min Shik, Kim Go Eun, Yoo Hae Jin, and Lee Do Hyun, success would be a given, right? Well, the film didn’t just meet expectations—it surpassed them! In just 10 days since its release on February 22nd, this spine-tingling sensation attracted a whopping 5 million moviegoers, starting the year as the top-grossing Korean film in 2024.

The film just dropped a new poster in celebration along with videos of the cast thanking viewers for their warm reception. However, Lee Do Hyun whose real name is Lim Dong Hyun couldn’t join in on the festivities. He enlisted for mandatory military service in August 2023 and won’t be back until 2025. Nonetheless, he had popped in social media to write a thank you to everyone who loved the movie. It had just hit 4 million when he wrote the post. Fans also caught a glimpse of him in military uniform holding up a photo of his cast mates.

While Exhuma is a success for everyone, it’s no doubt extra meaningful for Lee Do Hyun since it is his debut film. Many first saw him in Prison Playbook where he played the young Jung Kyung Ho. In Hotel Del Luna, his appearance while brief left a lasting impression. From there, he’s done different dramas like 18 Again where he won at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for his captivating portrayal of a father trapped in a high schooler’s body. Then, there are the high-profile dramas like The Glory and Sweet Home. He may be in the army, but he’s sure left fans well fed with his completed projects.

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