Keep Running Season 12 Confirmed Without Angelababy

Keep Running Season 12 Confirmed Without Angelababy

Excitement abounds with news of the upcoming Season 12 of ‘Keep Running.’ Filming is expected to commence on March 28 in Nanning, but amidst the fanfare, one thing lingers about the new season’s cast: There’s no Angelababy.

Angelababy After Crazy Horse

Last year, rumors swirled about an alleged ban on the 35-year-old actress, which even led to her Chinese social media account being muted (though it’s back up and running now). This was believed to be due to her attendance at Blackpink Lisa’s burlesque show at France’s Crazy Horse, which sparked a wave of backlash and moral scrutiny in China. While Crazy Horse clarified that Angelababy was not present at the event, the fallout seems to have put her on the brink of being blacklisted.

Angelababy holds a significant place among the original members of ‘Keep Running.’ She’s been part of the show since its inception when it was first introduced in 2014 as ‘Running Man China,‘ a spinoff of the popular South Korean variety show. Notably, she was the lone female member at the time, echoing the setup of the Korean counterpart with Song Ji Hyo. Although it’s changed since then with regulars like Bai Lu and Song Yuqi, Angelababy was a significant fixture for 11 years, only skipping out in season 5 due to pregnancy.

Keep Running Season 12 Cast

Since her “hiatus,” Angelababy has been trying to comeback, most recently appearing at a fashion event in Shanghai but it looks like it won’t be with Keep Running. This year’s series regulars brings together Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Sha Yi, joined by actress Bai Lu, singer Zhou Shen and Adam Fan Chengcheng. Adding to the excitement are GIDLE’s Son Yuqi and TNT’s Zhang Zhenyuan.

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