Kai Ko Drops a Cool Million Yuan on Luxury Bags with Rumoured Girlfriend

Kai Ko
Kai Ko
Tourists report Kai Ko immediately called his mum to ask if he could charge the bags.

Imagine dropping a cool million (~US$ 31.4k) on handbags alone. Granted, said handbags were two rare Hermès purses, but Taiwanese actor Kai Ko must have been feeling a tad ultra spendy when he went on to do just that!

The 32-year-old star of the racy series Let’s Talk About Chu was holidaying in Tokyo with his rumoured girlfriend and socialite Cheng Yingjie when he decided to do a bit of luxury shopping. Sharing bits from his trip on social media, the actor already a bit of damage when he purchased some anime merch rumoured to come with a price tag amounting to a purse from Louis Vuitton. Then he and Cheng Yingjie dropped by Camellia Vintage in Harajuku where he footed the bill for two rare Hermès purses – a mini Kelly and a Birkin, she fell in love with. No wonder he maxed out his credit card!

Later, Kai didn’t leave curious fans hanging when he shared a photo of himself holding up the two purses practically worth a king’s ransom. “The card has definitely been suspended. Are the prices of bags this crazy?!” he lamented. Meanwhile, Netizens pointed out the outing only served to solidify the dating rumours between the two. After all, why would he pony up a million yuan worth of bags if not for a girlfriend?

Back in February, the actor was rumoured to be dating Amber An after being papped leaving a nightclub whilst holding hands. Both parties denied the rumours. Amber say the night was a gathering of old whilst Kai on the other hand said he held on to Amber’s hand so they won’t lose each other in the crowd.

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