Kai Ko Sustains Facial Injuries After Drone Accident on Set

Kai Ko
Kai Ko
Source: Netflix

Kai Ko was hard at work filming what was supposedly meant to be his comeback drama, the upcoming ghost busting Netflix drama Ji Shen 乩身, when a drone reportedly crashed and exploded in front of him. Initial reports from Taiwanese media claim that the actor was rushed to urgent care after bleeding profusely from where fragments from the explosion hit. Majority of the damage was to his face which needed more than 20 stitches.

Kai Ko’s agent confirmed the incident saying “the artist had an accident whilst filming a couple of days ago, causing serious damage to his face. He is currently undergoing treatment”. He added that artists aren’t “superhumans” and because they’re fully focused on their work, they have no time to deal with unexpected disasters. “They just hope to work in a safe environment and get back to normal as soon as they can.”

At present, production has confirmed that filming for Kai’s scenes has been put on hold until the actor can return fully rested and recovered. And, as for the cause of the unfortunate accident, they added that their investigation shows that the crew has adequately met safety standards for filming and that the proper precautionary measures such as having a propeller blade protection cover were undertaken. Moreover, they also said that there was no explosion involved but that for unknown reasons, the drone accidentally hit the actor’s cheekbones causing his injuries.

Based on the novel The Oracle Comes by author Xing Zi, Kai Ko plays Han Jie. He became a “shaman” working for the deity Nezha (Third Prince) played by Jacob Wang Bo-Chieh to atone for the sins of his youth. As a shaman, he dealt with all kinds of mischief caused by lonely souls and ghosts wandering the human world.

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