Steven Cheung, Former Singer and Father of 4 Kids, Appeals for Financial Help

Former Singer Steven Cheung, Father of 4 Kids, Appeals for Help Amidst Financial Struggle

Steven Cheung, former member of Cantopop duo Boyz, faced a decline in his career and reputation due to relationship scandals. When he eventually tied the knot with girlfriend Au Man Man in 2019, the two went on to have four kids, welcoming their fourth son on September 6, 2023. Nonetheless, they’ve continued to make headlines over talks of divorce and their financial struggles.

Recently, it appears that they may be unable to cope any longer, as Steven Cheung directly posted a payment account on Instagram, humbly requesting public assistance. Cheung posted a QR code for donations stating, “I know this is not a wise decision, but I really can’t hold on anymore. After this month, everything will be back to normal, so please help me!” That same day, Man Man also expressed her despair, stating, “The problem is moving towards a solution, but I can’t hold on anymore. What should I do? There won’t be any miracles. How can I go on?

Steven Cheung previously said he was unable to shake off the label from his scandals. He shared that businesses were reluctant to hire him, leading to continuous job rejections. Even when he managed to find work including odd jobs, it wouldn’t last long.

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