Dai Gaozheng and Guan Yue Team Up for “Sadistic Love” as Dual Male Leads

Short Drama Leading Men: Dai Gaozheng and Guan Yue Team Up for "Sadistic Love"

Among the stars in the realm of short-length dramas, actors Dai Gaozheng and Guan Yue have just wrapped up filming for another one. Sadistic Love (掌中雀), which also translates to Bird in Palm, features the two as dual male leads. And they certainly look stunning in their recent photo together, which Dai Gaozheng proudly reveals is unedited.

The 27-year-old actor is hailed for his breakout roles in Maid’s Revenge, which he followed up with Forever Love. Dai often embodies the handsome alpha male archetype, leaving viewers captivated with every portrayal. A graduate of the prestigious Central Academy of Drama, many are no doubt eagerly waiting for him to transition into more mainstream projects. Yet, as a sought-after leading man in the niche of short dramas, who’d say no to another one.

This time, Dai Gaozheng teams up with Guan Yue, formerly part of the boyband UNINE who’s also ventured into short-length dramas. In Sadistic Love, he takes on the role of a Chinese opera singer opposite Dai Gaozheng’s warlord character. It’s a story set amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the Republican era. Is it going to be a BL? Probably not since it’s a C-drama in this day and age, but I’m already fully on board with it.

Guan Yue in Sadistic Love

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