Chin Han Makes Comeback in Netflix Series “Forget You Not” at 77 Years Old

It’s great to see 77-Year-old Chin Han making a comeback on the small screens, and even more so seeing him looking quite healthy in the newly released poster for the series. In his heyday, the Taiwanese actor was a top star during the 70s and continued to appear in a number of things through the years. Two years ago, his seemingly aged appearance shocked many when a candid photo taken of him playing basketball went viral.  Despite actively playing sports, what surprised many was his haggard appearance. Nonetheless, many pointed out that he’s in his 70s so of course he’s going to look older whereas others were more worried about his physical health. Chin Han’s TV return opposite actress Hsieh Yingxuan in the Netflix original Chinese language drama Forget You Not 忘了我記得 should dispel a lot of the concerns.

Hsieh Yingxuan stars as the heroine in the series with the story centred on her various day to day challenges as she switches career from a convenience store clerk to talk show actor. Aside from marital difficulties with her husband played by actor Wallace Huo, she is also facing problems with her father which Chin Han portrays.

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When asked about his comeback, the 77-year-old said despite being out of it for quite a while, he said acting and being in front of the cameras came back to him easily enough. “I don’t feel that filming is unfamiliar. It’s very much like the instinct of animals which reawakens when you step into the set.” Chin Han added that for this drama, he wanted his acting to be more natural since it’s a slice of life type of story. With both Hsieh Yingxuan and Chin Han Golden Horse awardees, I’m sure audiences can expect a great performance from them both.

Netflix’s original Chinese-language series “Forget You Not” is a heart-warming story of growth which brings together director Rene Liu Ruoying with stars Hsieh Yingxuan and Chin Han with a special guest appearance from Wallace Huo.

 Netflix's original Chinese-language series "Forget You Not" is a heart-warming story about growth which stars Xie Yingxuan, Qin Han,
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