Aespa’s Karina, Who Was in Dating Rumors with Actor Lee Jae Wook, Issues Apology

Kpop Idol Karina, Who Was in Dating Rumors with Actor Lee Jae Wook, Issues Apology

K-pop girl group Aespa’s leader Karina recently found herself at the center of controversy after dating rumors emerged with The Impossible Heir actor Lee Jae Wook. While public opinion seemed supportive, there were some who expressed dissatisfaction, even prompting a protest truck to be sent to the headquarters of the 23-year-old idol’s management agency, SM Entertainment.

It began over a Dispatch report

A Dispatch report revealed that Karina and Lee Jae Wook met at a Prada event in Milan in January. Their relationship reportedly progressed as they were spotted during late-night walks in the 25-year-old actor’s neighborhood in Korea. On February 27, both their agencies SM Entertainment and CJes Studios acknowledged that the two were “getting to know each other,” which many took as a confirmation.

Karina Writes to Her Fans

After days of silence, Karina took to Instagram on March 5 to address the situation directly. In a handwritten letter, she expressed heartfelt apologies to fans, “I know everyone who has been supporting me will be very disappointed, and I also know that everyone will feel very sad when recalling the conversations they had with me. I understand that feeling very well, so I feel even more guilty.

She added, “Taking the risk of causing everyone to be hurt again, I wrote this letter because I wanted to express my sincere apologies to MYs (Aespa’s fandom naame), who have been warming me up like the warmest winter since my debut.” She said she’s always been sincere to her fans, that every MY is precious and she’ll make it up to them in the future. Karina emphasized that a handwritten letter cannot fully express all her feelings but thanked everyone who read it and reiterated her promise not to disappoint fans in the future. She said, “I will show a more mature and diligent side. Please continue to support me.” She reminded fans to eat well so they can meet in the best condition. Finally, she wrote, “I’m sorry, thank you very much, everyone.”

The apology comes amidst increasing scrutiny over the personal lives of celebrities. While there are those who oppose their idols dating, there are also many who believe that this kind of mindset must come to an end. Karina does not specifically address the dating rumor in the letter. Supportive fans also argue that she did nothing wrong and that she shouldn’t have to apologize.

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