“The Impossible Heir” and “Pyramid Game” See Their Characters All Vying for the Top

"The Impossible Heir" and "Pyramid Game"

The Impossible Heir and Pyramid Game are two new K-dramas that have premiered this week. Even before curtains rose, the spotlight was already shining on Lee Jae Wook over his relationship with Aespa’s Karina and talks of him leaving his agency. Now that both dramas have started airing, the initial verdict is in.

Pyramid Game wastes no time in captivating viewers with its first few episodes already worth binging. Its story based on a webtoon about a school with a brutal ranking system to determine hierarchy is unique. It features a young cast led by WJSN’s Bona as the heroine who becomes the target of bullying as she’s ranked the lowest. Watching the plot unfold has been been surprisingly engaging with many no doubt waiting to see an impending reversal.

Meanwhile, The Impossible Heir presents a different allure with its story about an illegitimate son of a chaebol family and his genius friend joining hands to make it to the top. Lee Jae Wook and Lee Jun Young give off a dynamic chemistry together, yet the introduction of a female character to come between the two male leads has some expressing disapproval at the prospect of turning a story with potential into a cliched romance.

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