Yang Zi Shares Her Apprehensions on Playing an 18-Year-Old Character in “Love Endures”

Yang Zi
Yang Zi
Photos: Yang Zi Studio / Weibo

Despite their young appearance, it’s not uncommon to hear about actors having a bit of a challenge playing characters much younger than their actual age. Yang Zi recently starred as Huang Yingzi in the drama Love Endures 要久久爱 which tells the story of a young group of friends who made a pact to be friends forever, lost touch and then found each other again twelve years later. Since the story begins when they were 18, the 31-year-old actress shares wearing her high school uniform and transforming into Huang Yingzi made her a bit apprehensive she won’t properly deliver onscreen how it is to be 18 once again.

I know that people will find it funny if I over exaggerate a scene. But if I keep doing this continuously, the audience will soon tire of it and find it too tedious”. Rather than just being funny, Yang Zi wants to slowly build the complexity of her character as she matures from an 18 year old to a woman at 30.

18 year-old Huang Yingzi might be hilarious, but she’s not foolish” Not only does she exude intelligence, but she’s also still innocent, she explained. High school aged Yingzi lives a carefree life. All her thoughts and emotions are clearly written on her face. But at the same time, she clearly understands what’s going on with her friends, familial circumstances and the subtle changes in the relationships between other people. Simply put, at 17 or 18-years-old, your eyes are already open to how things work.

Despite having been in the industry for so long – Yang Zi was a child actress after all, the actress shares she’s concerned her interpretation of Huang Yingzi might come out as a touch too childish, like a silly character. “So when I play her at 18, I can only be funny at certain times, and in others, I still want my performance to be as restrained as I possible can.”

Yang Zi
Yang Zi playing 18 year old Huang Yingzi

Love Endures also stars Fan Chengcheng, Zhu Yan Manzi, Wang Qianyue, Fang Yueqiao and Zhao Rui.

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