Stefanie Sun Makes a Cameo in “Love Endures” Starring Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng

Stephanie Sun Makes Cameo in "Stories of Youth and Love" Starring Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng

Love Endures 要久久爱, previously Stories of Youth and Love, has finally wrapped after 100 days of filming. Aside from the cast and crew, special thanks was extended to Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun who was also in celebration photos with the show’s leads Yang Zi and Adam Fan Chengcheng.

It’s certainly a pleasant surprise for fans of Stefanie Sun since she very rarely appears in film or television. In fact, Love Endures will be the first time the 44-year-old singer is appearing in a Chinese drama. She is reportedly not only singing the theme song for the series but also has an important role. Yang Zi’s character in the drama is a huge fan of Stefanie Sun and the actress even shared behind-the-scenes photos of herself in character standing beside the singer’s posters plastered all over the wall. Many expressed excitement towards the unexpected collab since Stefanie Sun is definitely a part of many people’s youths through her songs.

Yang Zi in Stories of Youth and Love

Love Endures follows a group of individuals referring to themselves as Space City’s F6 who meet as childhood friends and experience being separated and reunited through the years. Yang Zi and Adam Fan Chengcheng who is 8 years her junior will portray their characters from teens in school into adulthood.

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