Yang Zi And Deng Wei Fans Squabble Over Tushan Jing

Yang Zi
Yang Zi and Deng Wei Fans Squabble Over Why She's Choosing Fenglong Over Tushan Jing

Yang Zi and Deng Wei fans had a bit of tussle online lately after the actress was caught saying in an interview that she’d choose Wang Hongyi’s Chishui Fenglong over Deng Wei’s Tushan Jing in real life. “If you’re asking me to choose, I will still think Fenglong is the most interesting” she said. It can be remembered that Xiao Yao and Tushan Jing are the official couple in the drama. However, Jing which is Deng Wei’s character, ends up marrying his fiancée who gives birth to “their” child in Lost You Forerver.

Yang Zi’s Take on Her Male Leads’ Characters

So why Fenglong? Yang Zi said that personally, who wouldn’t choose a man who comes from a good family, who’s handsome and focused, more importantly someone who has a great personality? “Who doesn’t like a sunny and adorable boy!” she said. This is after she described each of the male characters. She said, “For Cang Xuan, it’s power above all. For Xiang Liu, it’s also his cause and his standpoint is different from Xiao Yao. As for Tushan Jing, he’s very suitable to live with, yet from another standpoint, he’s very obedient to his family.”

Yang Zi says she prefers Fenglong in real life
Wang Hongyi as Chishui Fenglong
Photo: Lost You Forever / Weibo


Yang Zi’s response triggered a backlash from Deng Wei’s fans, such that both sides were going at each other online. Lost You Forever undoubtedly directed a lot of attention towards the actor. But with the actress saying she prefers Fenglong as a partner in real life, some Deng Wei’s fans feel like Yang Zi is deliberately trying to ruin their couple pairing with her comments and preventing him from enjoying the perks of being in such a popular hit drama when the second installment comes out.

In truth, a number of his fans also express that they don’t care whom she picks because it’s her own personal opinion as Yang Zi and not as Xiao Yao. However, their bigger beef was how she took the liberty of interpreting her co-stars characters “incorrectly” (as some would claim). Deng Wei fans feel it’s not right for her to describe his character as merely someone suitable to live with when he’s so much more. They also disagree that he always listens to his family saying he refused his grandma many times in the drama, hence, why he was tricked into marriage? For her to interpret his character the way she did for them is a disservice to her co-stars.

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