Wu Chun in the Crossfire of Jay Chou’s Taylor Swift Concert Tickets Controversy

Wu Chun
Wu Chun and his daughter Nei Nei pictured at the Taylor Swift Eras concert in Melbourne
Photo: Wu Chun and NeiNei / Weibo

Like many other Swifties, Wu Chun and his family were in Melbourne this weekend to catch a show on the Australian leg of The Eras Tour. Taking to social media to share his excitement, Wu Chun wrote: Taylor Swift here we come! The Eras Tour in Melbourne with 100,000 people, it’s amazing! NeiNei has been listening to Taylor’s songs in my car since she was three.  Didn’t think she’d grow up to become her biggest fan.” Wu Chun also gave a shout out to Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan for giving them tickets to the concert which he said was a dream come true. However, who would’ve thought that an innocent thank you from Wu Chun would fan the flames for more drama for Jay and his wife who Netizens already accused of pretending to be invited guests by the reigning queen of pop herself.

“Not Personal Invites for the Taylor Swift Concert”

The Mandopop king had posted “Bro is here to observe. Thank you to Taylor Swift’s team for giving us awesome seats! The stadium’s sound control is also fantastic” he gushed. In a separate Story post, Jay shared that he can usually be found in the same spot tinkering with the sound control before his own concerts. But this time, sitting here listening to someone else’s concert feels quite special.

Wu Chun Jay Chou
Netizens pointed out Jay’s location looked a whole lot different from the black tens invited friends and celebs were housed under.

However, Netizens pointed out that from the viewpoint he’d shared, Jay didn’t appear to be seated together with Taylor’s team and invited guests who were inside a black tent fronting centre stage. Instead, they alleged that the singer was sat elsewhere in seats, some even went on to speculate he had to purchase the tickets instead of it being gifted by Taylor and her team like he’d made them out to be.

Meanwhile, when someone commented that it’s obviously a PR ticket, that Jay was so good at “faking” the connection to Taylor’s team and that he probably had to pay for it too, Wu Chun replied “PR tickets also have a price. . . Hope everyone has a happy Chinese new year”. Netizens took this as a validation to their claims that it is indeed a PR ticket.

Nonetheless, Jay appeared pretty chill about the entire thing and said “I only see what I want to see so there’s no problem”.

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