Wu Chun Gets Inked with ‘Happy Family Happy Life’ Tattoo

Wu Chun Gets Inked with 'Happy Family Happy Life' Tattoo
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Bruneian singer-actor Wu Chun, whose known to be a family man, recently gave his followers an inside look into his Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day festivities. He went on a trip to Australia and amidst the scenic backdrop of their family vacation, Wu Chun revealed his plans to visit a tattoo shop, hinting at a special surprise in store.

As the camera zooms in on Wu Chun’s face, a mix of excitement and nervousness is palpable. With a sheepish grin, he exclaims while getting a tattoo, “Here it is, mamma mia, wah…” His slightly flushed cheeks reveal the pain he’s experiencing as he asked to stop filming for a bit. After it was all done, Wu Chun flexed his muscular arm, showcasing a tattoo that writes: “Happy Family Happy Life.” This is a sentiment Wu Chun often vocalizes and proudly displays in his house and he declares that the tattoo is his Valentine’s Day gift to his beloved family.

During the process of getting his new tattoo, keen-eyed viewers may have already noticed Wu Chun’s existing ink. In fact, he’s been adorned with tattoos for years, with designs gracing his arm and lower leg, but they usually covered it up during his days in Taiwanese idol dramas. The video concludes with a beautiful family portrait, encompassing the message behind his new tat.

Wu Chun's family of four

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