Wu Chun Flexes His Self-Designed House in Brunei

Wu Chun Flexes His Self-Designed House in Brunei

Former Fahrenheit member Wu Chun who’s originally from Brunei recently shared what he calls his most important project when he unveiled his house in Brunei. He shared they’ve moved in for about two years already and it seriously look like a resort.

The house featured in AD Style has a cheerful and fun vibe, which Wu Chun attributes to his love of life. It’s decorated in a modern style with neutral colors and artistic furnishings. Of course, the living room has a piano though he reveals that everyone in his family knows how to play except him. One of the most striking features of the house is the large pool, which the 43-year-old actor says reminds him of his childhood. “When I was a kid, we used to jump off houses into the river to meet with friends,” he said and his design plays with a similar idea.

Wu Chun designed the house himself as he has been interested in interior design since he was a child. He even made a sketch as early as 2008 when the house was just an empty lot. Perhaps his favorite out of all the rooms will be his All-Star museum. Long-time fans would know that the singer-actor is a huge fan of NBA player Michael Jordan so this room has memorabilia of Jordan’s signed photos, champion rings, shoes, jerseys, etc. The actor is clearly proud of his home, and he calls it his “little paradise.”

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