5566’s Sam Wang on Being Called a “Mama’s Boy,” He Admits He Hasn’t Gone Inside The Bank and There’s a Reason for It

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First it was washing his own clothes, now it’s stepping foot into a bank. If we ever had a drinking game going, 5566’s Sam Wang would probably be the only one left standing in a “Never Have I Ever” game – household chores edition. The 47-year-old actor once again shocked viewers when he confessed on the variety show Super Entourage 小明星大跟班 that he’s never been to the bank. But before you say he’s a “mama’s boy” once again, it appears he might have a more ‘filial’ reason for doing so. That’s because he hands over his income to his parents. Nonetheless, host Jacky Wu rather cheekily said that’s still considered being a mama’s boy.

At almost 50, Sam was bestowed the moniker when he previously admitted he has never washed his own clothes before. Mind you he lives alone and doesn’t even live with his parents so it is indeed unusual. “It’s so easy to wash clothes! You only need to press a button?!” exclaimed other guests when he first talked about it on another show. Meanwhile host Melody roasted him a bit. She exclaimed no wonder he’s not married despite ticking all the usual boxes – being good looking and famous.

It looks like Sam is fully aware of the comments about him. He took to social media to say, “In fact, it is not difficult to know how to do housework. What is difficult is the ability to give the money you earn to your parents.” He also added the hashtag “Do you have the ability.” To a comment who said life is not easy to be able to do that, he said depending on yourself is also a skill. Another told Sam not to care about the comments but to believe in himself.

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