Jang Won-young’s Older Sister, Jang Da-a, Debuts as an Actress in “Pyramid Game”

Photos: (Left) for_everyoung10/ Instagram and (right) Kingkong by Starship / Naver

Another Jang sister makes her way into the Korean entertainment industry. Jang Da-a, older sister of IVE’s Jang Won-young is set to make her acting debut in TVing’s upcoming adaptation of the popular webtoon Pyramid Game. Da-a will appear as Baek Ha-rin the cunning bully who fools everyone with her pretty and kind-hearted appearance. She will star alongside Joseon Attorney actress Bona who will be playing the main character Sung Su-ji, a newly transferred student who’s brutally bullied following the results of the school’s popularity poll.

Jang Da-a is three years older than her idol sister Won-young. When word spread that she’d signed on to star in the school thriller, many were curious how she’d fare. Now that the trailer is out, Netizens have said that she looks a lot like her sister during her Produce48 days in 2018. Da-a is currently represented by Starship Entertainment’s actor agency King Kong by Starship. Jang Won-young who’s known for her visuals has skyrocketed in popularity since her days on the idol survival show. She’s also under Starship as part of the Kpop girl group IVE.

Pyramid Game is TVING’s newest series set in a Seoul high school. It follows students who engage in a monthly vote to determine their social standing, creating a shocking hierarchy within the school.

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