Woo Do Hwan Faces Backlash for Posting Unreleased Footage with Bona From Their Drama “Joseon Attorney”

Woo Do Hwan Faces Backlash After Posting An Unreleased Footage From His Drama "Joseon Attorney" Opposite Bona
Photo(s): withmbc and wdohwan / Instagram

Joseon Attorney starring Woo Do Hwan and Bona (Kim Ji-yeon) ended on a happy note with the two leads even sharing a sweet kiss during the last few minutes of the show. To celebrate the finale, the actor posted an unreleased clip on his Instagram. He probably thought he was giving viewers a treat but it unexpectedly drew backlash.

He had posted never before seen footage from the wedding night of his and Bona’s characters. It shows the two lying in bed together while Woo Do Hwan kissed Bona’s cheek. The now-deleted post was captioned “My wish is” (which is a play on the heroine’s name). Comments quickly flooded the post asking the actor to take it down. Some said there’s a reason it wasn’t released, so the actor shouldn’t have posted it. Others also said that he should think of Bona’s reputation as an idol before posting such intimate scenes.

Of course, many also defended the actor saying there’s nothing wrong with the scene. After all, it wasn’t even raunchy. Even if it were, some feel both are old enough to shoot mature content since Woo Do Hwan’s 30 years old and Bona is 29. Nonetheless, the actor has taken down the post as of the time of writing.

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