IU’s “Shh..” Features Chinese Actress Tang Wei in Her First Music Video Appearance

IU's "Shh.." Features Chinese Actress Tang Wei in Her First Music Video Appearance
Screencap from 이지금 [IU Official]

Renowned Chinese actress Tang Wei recently made headlines for her unexpected appearance in South Korean singer IU’s latest music video teaser for “Shh..” In a statement released through IU’s agency, Tang Wei revealed her simple yet profound reason for taking part in the project: She likes IU. She said she’s just like other people who admire IU’s talent, personality and music. Tang Wei’s decision to venture into the realm of music videos for the first time speaks volumes about IU’s influence and impact in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, Tang Wei’s remarks after the shoot, particularly about IU portraying both her mother and friend in the MV, hint at the intriguing storyline viewers can expect. With Tang Wei representing the Chinese entertainment industry and IU representing Korea, this collaboration symbolizes the bridging of cultures through music and visual storytelling. Though it’s not the first time given yet another high profile cameo not too long ago when Hong Kong star Tony Leung appeared in a New Jeans MV.

As anticipation mounts for the release of IU’s “Shh..”, it’s essential to note the collaborative effort that goes beyond Tang Wei’s involvement with other notable figures like New Jeans’ Hyein and Joe Won Sun who ar also also featured. This project seems to hint at a cinematic experience akin to a film what with the teaser’s artistic style and direction, coupled with the presence of award-winning actresses like Tang Wei and IU.

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