“Captivating the King” Hits New Ratings High of 6.7%

tvN’s weekend drama, Captivating the King, which started with ratings around 3% has since found its groove. After a special Lunar New Year’s schedule change, viewers were treated to back-to-back episodes with episode 9 hitting a nationwide rating of 6.369% and episode 10 soaring even higher at 6.703%. The drama has officially broken its own record for highest ratings yet!

Jo Jung Suk, the ever-charismatic actor from Hospital Playlist, effortlessly embodies the role of a captivating ruler, making every scene he’s in a delight to watch. Now, onto our leading lady Shin Se Kyung whose acting has drawn mixed reaction. Some viewers find it hard to relate to her character’s reasons for seeking revenge. But as the drama “Captivating the King” unfolds, it’s not just the characters on-screen experiencing a whirlwind of emotions; fans are also on a rollercoaster ride of their own.

The weekend marathon saw the episodes sizzling with heartfelt confessions as the male lead falls head over heels for another “man”. Tension builds, and by Episode 8, comes the ultimate reveal that the “man” is a woman! Then follows a series of kisses that have fans swooning. King Lee In’s undeniable feelings for Hee Soo are palpable, leading to a first night together that has fans anticipating a baby?!? But amidst the romance, questions linger about Hee Soo’s true intentions and her quest to avenge her friend’s death amidst the palace politics at play. Is this all part of a larger scheme? Needless to say, it looks like the “binge watch” this weekend has contributed to ratings reaching new heights.

Source: tvn_drama

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