Cast Exude Warm Vibes in tvN Drama Hospital Playlist Set to Premiere in March

Far from the usual gloomy vibe that hospitals have, the posters for tvN drama Hospital Playlist (Wise Doctor Life) are radiant and carry a positive aura. 

It shows the leads, who are all doctors, strolling the hospital hallway with captivating smiles on their faces. Man, as much as I like seeing them like that, I know for a fact that medical dramas can be emotionally charged. The series will tell the story of five doctors whose friendship can be traced back to their years as medical students and band mates. Yup, in spite of (or maybe because of) being busy with the huge pile of medical books they have to memorize, the five were able to form a band to express themselves through music.
Jo Jung Suk portrays Ik Joon, an easygoing and charming doctor who likes to have fun. Yoo Yeon Seok playing Jung Wan, a great surgeon who has the emotional range of a teaspoon. Jung Kyung Ho plays Joon Wan, a sensitive doctor who sometimes gets consoled by the patient instead of the other way around. Kim Dae Myung plays Seok-hyeong, a socially awkward doctor. Lastly, Jeon Mi Do plays Song Hwa, the rose among the thorns who is the emotional pillar of the group. The story will revolve around their daily lives and struggles in the medical field. 
Hospital Playlist is a reunion project for PD Shin Won-ho and writer Lee Woo-jung who worked together on Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life) and the Answer Me series. With the track record of these two, viewers are in for quite a show. The similarity in title to Prison Playbook is evident as well, not to mention it also featured Jung Kyung Ho as the handsome prison guard.

Jo Jung Suk is already an amazing leading man himself (and a good enough selling point for me!) but to get him and Jung Kyung Ho plus Yoo Yeon Seok who worked with the team in Answer Me 1994, it’s a casting dream come true! Yoo Yeon Seok may not be in Dr. Romantic 2 but at least he’s back as a doctor again. Oh well, he looks good in a white coat so no complaints from me.

The series is set to premiere on March 12 with English subs available on Netflix. 

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