Bai Jingting Accused of Stealing the Spotlight in Spring Festival Gala, CCTV Says Everything Went According to Plan

Bai Jingting
Bai Jingting
Netizens questioned Bai Jingting’s black outfit when he was wearing cream outfits in rehearsals

An outfit and where he stood during a performance seems to have caused a whole lot of drama for Chinese actor Bai Jingting resulting in him being accused of deliberately stealing the spotlight in 2024’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala aka “Chunwan” – the most watched show during the lunar new year festivities.

Bai Jingting’s “Chunwan” Controversy

The 30-year-old actor attended “Chunwan” for the first time, performing the song Shang Chun Shan (上春山) with actors Wei Daxun and Wei Chen. During the event, Bai Jingting came on TV in an attention grabbing black suit with gold appliqués while his fellow performers wore cream colors. This sparked jokes that Bai Jinging didn’t get the memo to coordinate their outfits. However, many noticed that in the interview afterwards, Bai Jingting was the only one to have a change of outfit to red.

Bai Jingting’s outfit being different from the rest led to him being criticised for attempting to be more conspicuous. What’s more, Netizens also accused him of “hogging” the centre position when it was Wei Daxun’s turn since Bai Jingting didn’t move from the top step where he stood. Some had assumed he was supposed to go down so Wei Daxun can be on top/center during his turn to sing, as though they were going up the mountain, just like the title of the song.

Bai Jingting
Screencap Gala Night (top) versus Rehearsals (bottom) / Weibo

Rehearsal Clips Cropping Up

Behind the scenes clips from the trio’s rehearsals have also began cropping up online. In one rehearsal, they took turns singing at the top step – first Bai Jingting followed by Wei Daxun. This appeared to back up the claims that Bai Jingting broke from routine and usurped the centre spot from Wei Daxun. However, another rehearsal clip suggests that the blocking was changed and the results close to what audiences saw on TV, which means Bai Jingting did exactly as rehearsed.


As for the black outfit he was sporting on gala night, some fans shared photos that the actor was already wearing the black suit whilst waiting so it wasn’t a surprise move. They explain there was nothing to suggest he changed his look at the last minute just to grab attention. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stoped the topic from repeatedly trending at number one. The actor’s name is endlessly associated with the controversial Chunwan performance that has everyone talking with those either criticising or defending him.

Meanwhile, as though in response to the issue is a caption accompanying a recent BTS clip CCTV officially released from the event. “Each step from the Spring Festival Gala is carefully designed and correctly executed” it said.

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