Zhu Yilong, Zhao Liying, Karry Wang and Yisa Yu for the Big Finale at “2022 Chunwan”

Zhu Yilong, Zhao Liying, Karry Wang and Yisa Yu
Photos: Zhu Yilong, Zhao Liying, Karry Wang and Yisa Yu Studios / Weibo

Happy CNY everyone! You may be wondering what is Chunwan (春晚), which is only the biggest event leading up to Chinese New Year. You may even hear different iterations of it since provincial channels from Hunan TV to Jiangsu TV also hold their “Chunwan” celebrations on different days, but come New Year’s Eve, there’s always the annual Spring Festival Gala (中央电视台春节联欢晚会).

The 2022 Spring Festival TV Gala, simply referred to as Chunwan, is on its 40th year since broadcast began in 1983 on state-run CCTV. It’s a night of traditional performances, skits, sketches, song and dance to promote different themes and celebrate the new year. Who’s attending is often a topic of discussion. Some like seasoned actor Deng Chao only attended for the first time this year while young stars Jackson Yee, Roy Wang and Karry Wang are back for the 7th time. Although to fans hoping for the TFBOYS to perform as a group, they didn’t.

Actor Zhu Yilong, actress Zhao Liying, singer-actor Karry Wang and singer Yisa Yu Kewei gave the second to the last performance of the night with their upbeat rendition of Huan Le Shi Guang (欢乐时光) serving as the big finale to mark the start of Year of the Tiger. Despite being in the industry for over a decade, it is also Zhao Liying’s first time on Chunwan. Incidentally, their performance brings about an unexpected reunion between The Story of Minglan co-stars Zhu Yilong and Zhao Liying as well as Yisa Yu who sang their drama’s theme song Do You Know (知否知否) with Hu Xia.

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