“My Demon” Finale Brings Echoes of “Goblin”

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As we bid adieu to this fantastical journey of My Demon, let’s dive into the finale from the lingering echoes of Goblin to swift resolutions [SPOILERS AHEAD].

In Episode 16, the seemingly tragic demise of Song Kang’s Gu Won takes an unexpected turn. God grants him a second chance at life due to Do Do Hee’s wish. And this time, there is no catch since it’s in exchange for him winning a bet with God. While some may argue the finale resolved conflicts too swiftly, its simply a moment of joy and relief for fans. After all, the penultimate episode left everyone in tears over Gu Won’s “death.” He went out in a blaze of fire leaving Kim Yoo Jung’s Do Do Hee in tears as she begged him not to go. The scene had people thinking of Goblin where Gong Yoo’s Kim Shin went out in a similar fashion.

My Demon finale reminiscent of Goblin
Screencap of “death” scene from My Demon

Both shows have cinematographer Park Sung Yong onboard, which explains the similarities. It’s led to accusations of plagiarism and those who think otherwise. In a way, it could also be viewed as My Demon paying homage to its iconic predecessor. The show even poked fun at the similarity of having a supernatural protagonist. Song Kang’s “demon” would explain he’s not a “Goblin” when people try to guess what kind of being he is.

From Gu Won’s deal for Do Do-Hee’s extended time with her parents to their past lives together, the drama’s finale turned tragedy into poignant resolutions, sparking joy in unexpected places. My Demon has not been a domestic success in South Korea. Ratings concluded at 3.5% on SBS, and ranged from 2.9% at its lowest to 4.7% at its peak. It’s on the lower end compared to shows on the same time slot. Nonetheless, it’s done well on a global stage, especially on Netflix where it has made TOP 10 among non-English shows.

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