90s star Kelly Lin Makes Rare Comeback in Wong Kar Wai’s Blossoms Shanghai

90s star Kelly Lin Makes Rare Comeback in Wong Kar Wai’s Blossoms Shanghai
Kelly Lin in Blossoms Shanghai
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It’s been ages since we saw 48-year-old actress Kelly Lin Hsi-Lei on the small screens. Aside from appearing in last year’s pandemic themed Netflix drama At the Moment, the uber popular 90s star who appeared in a number of big Hong Kong films has largely stepped back from the limelight since marrying her Chinese-American businessman husband Chris Young back in 2011. Now that she’s back (even just for a short while), what better way to make your industry return than with the star-studded cast of Blossoms Shanghai from Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai no less!

If you’ve reached episode 25, Kelly makes an appearance as the ruthless Mrs. Lin who’s a complete shark when it comes to business. In her heyday, Kelly is known to play sexy roles so this older lady she portrays with her elegant updo and qipao is a step towards a different direction. Nonetheless, don’t fall for her elegant looks because her questionable methods ensured she always got what she wanted. The Taiwanese actress’ character brokered a deal with Hu Ge’s Mr Bao where she takes advantage of his lack of funds to get herself the better part of the deal.

Kelly LIn

Kelly Lin was discovered by producer director Wong Jing in her earlier years and has since starred opposite various Asian superstars like Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng and Louis Koo just to name a few. In 2011 she married Chris Young with whom she shares two daughters Kaitlin and Mila.

Blossoms Shanghai is a Chinese drama set during the 1990s when many flocked to the cosmopolitan city in search of opportunities and a better life. It stars Hu Ge, Ma Yili, Tiffany Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei.

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