Hong Kong Actor Chun Wong, 75, Revealing His Partner’s Age Sparks Discussion Online

Photo(s): Chun Wong / Douyin

Chun Wong, at 75 years old, has recuperated from health issues after a period of rest. During a recent media interview, the Hong Kong actor known for his supporting role as “Old Imp” Zhou Bo Tong in the Condor Heroes, disclosed that he is being cared for by a partner/lover 30 years his junior as he now resides in Shenzhen. This revelation has sparked discussions among netizens with hashtags about his new relationship and cheating speculations.

Chun Wong’s wife Mok Pui Man, passed away in 2017. They have three daughters and one son, all of whom have started their own families. Chun Wong has been cautious not to disturb them, revealing a distant relationship due to him lacking in communication. Chun Wong who revealed he and his wife lived separately before she died said he refused the six times she asked for divorce, citing opposition from their children. He hinted that deep down, he also didn’t want a divorce. He emphasised that he didn’t have scandals, and simply enjoyed acting and spending time with friends.

Chun Wong shared that he met his lover when he was in his 50s and she was in her 20s. She didn’t ask how much money or properties he had and wouldn’t leave even after he tried pushing her away due to their age difference. He eventually bought her a house in her hometown of Hunan. However, Chun Wong’s disclosures have spurred discussions about relationships and societal expectations. Some netizens expressed skepticism, stating that “men are unfaithful.” Others questioned the couple’s huge age gap. Some also defended Chun Wong, with questions about whether he is a widower and if so, then it wouldn’t be an extramarital affair.

In an interview three years ago, Chun Wong expressed the challenges of living alone and that it might be better to return to Hong Kong to reunite with his children. However, he also shared that he didn’t plan on living with them as he would stay in hotels when he visited and they would take turns bringing him food. The veteran actor who had a career of over 40 years with TVB left the network in August 2023. Chun Wong, who had previously faced nerve-related back pain, required a wheelchair for mobility. The veteran is also among a number of senior actors who have settled in mainland China.

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