Fan Jinwei Announces Marriage to Non-Showbiz Girlfriend

Fan Jinwei Announces Marriage to Non-Showbiz Girlfriend

Fan Jinwei 范津玮 has taken a leap into a new chapter of life, exchanging heartfelt vows and smiles in a wedding ceremony. While not everyone may be familiar with his name, they certainly will find him familiar from his memorable roles like the blind prince Bai Wang in “The Blood of Youth.”

Born in 1993, the 30-year-old Chinese actor first debuted in 2017. He’s done many youthful roles like Yifan in “The King’s Avatar” and Da Wu in “Word of Honor.” Fan Jinwei’s real-life love story finds him married to Wang Leyuan 王乐媛, a bride from outside the glitzy world of showbiz.

Simon Gong and Miles Wei congratulate their Word of Honor co-star

Given his numerous works as a supporting actor, a flood of well-wishes and blessings has poured in from Fan Jinwei’s celebrity friends. On his wedding day on January 7, 2024, many stars appeared in a video capturing blessings from the likes of Huang Xuan, Zhou Yiwei, Zhang Songwen, Zhang Linghe, Yang Yang, Gao Hanyu and Li Hongyi. The surprises don’t end there – Simon Gong Jun and Miles Wei Zheming were in the mix, proving that the camaraderie from “Word of Honor” extends beyond the screen.

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