Energy, Which Debuted in 2002, Comes Back as a Group, Leader MILK Shares His Thoughts

Taiwanese boyband Energy, a sensation from the 2000s, recently announced their comeback. The group is made up of members Milk Yeh Naiwen, Edy Hsiao (Ah Di), Kunda Hsieh, Chang Shu-Wei and Toro Kuo. They first debuted on July 12, 2002 before disbanding in 2009. Fans were suddenly treated to a surprise reunion at Mayday’s concert in Kaohsiung in 2023, and there’s definitely more in store.

The group confirmed their long-awaited comeback at the start of 2024. Their joint post with Mayday’s label, B’in Music, at 7.12 pm, symbolizing their debut date of July 12, read, “We are back.” The group’s leader, Milk, recently posted a throwback selfie to express his excitement for their comeback. He said life is truly miraculous. Before having the chance to grace the stage as guests at Mayday’s concert, the idea of ENERGY reuniting, releasing new songs, and performing again was something he hadn’t given much thought.

Over the years, the members who are now in their early 40s have ventured into different fields. Majority became actors. Kunda Hsieh has been married to Someday Or One Day star Alice Ko since 2017. Shuwei literally just got married to actress Orange Hsieh on December 18, 2023. Milk who’s a husband and a father actually left showbiz many years ago.

He said it’s really not easy to come back. After all, they now have to do the things they used to do as a group. They’ve encounter various problems along the way, but he believes they can overcome it. He looks forward to the opportunity for them to shoot a new MV so that his son will no longer say, “Dad, why do your MVs look so blurry?” He also remembered to thank Mayday, B’In Music and EG fans. Similarly, he hopes new fans can also get to know their group.

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