Donnie Yen’s Daughter Jasmine Releases New English Single About Being “Forever 19”

Jasmine Yen
Jasmine Yen
Photo: Jasmine甄济如 / Weibo

You certainly won’t catch Jasmine Yen sitting back and merely coasting on her father’s success. The 20-year-old pop star has already made her official singing debut last year. With a debut album titled TBH already under her belt, she’s working hard to release more songs she personally wrote and composed. January is also Jasmine’s birthday month. And just for the occasion, the singer released her brand new English single Forever 19 to coincide with her birthday.  

For Jasmine, Forever 19 is a bit more personal. “This is the first song that comes from the heart for me. I spent a lot of time writing it.” On a deeper level, she said she wanted to convey the message that one must continue being true to oneself no matter what. If anything, it’s also her way of dealing with the stress and anxiety of turning into an adult. She shares that hitting 18 left her a wee bit confused and overwhelmed as she transitions into adulthood. Then the stories her role models – mum Cissy Wang, her aunt and even her grandma loved to share when they were 18 to 20-year-olds also added to the feeling.

Nonetheless, Jasmine said it’s better to experience for herself the period when she turns into an adult. And in order to put down her thoughts, Forever 19 was born.  “Before, I didn’t know how to express how I felt through the song. It was only when I relied on my true feelings and creative inspiration that this work was able to reflect my authentic self”.

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