Chen Xingxu Back with Two Modern Dramas: “My Boss” and “Our Interpreter”

My Boss and Our Interpreter
Photo(s): My Boss and Our Interpreter / Weibo

Chen Xingxu, who first rose to fame in the historical drama Goodbye My Princess, is currently juggling not one, but two roles from his modern dramas. My Boss 你也有今天, where he stars alongside Zhang Ruo Nan, follows the journey of Cheng Yao, a determined lawyer facing unexpected challenges in her new workplace when her roommate, Qian Heng, turns out to be her difficult boss. In Our Interpreter 我们的翻译官, Chen Xingxu teams up with Victoria Song for a second-chance romance filled with professional twists and turns.

Both of his dramas offer different dynamics with the clashing of two strong characters in Chen Xingxu and Victoria Song who are 9 years apart in real life. Meanwhile, Chen Xingxu and his My Boss co-star Zhang Ruo Nan are both the same age.

Chen Xingxu modern dramas

My Boss started airing first on Youku at 18:00. Our Interpreter, initially set for a 20:00 premiere on Hunan TV / Mango TV yesterday, January 8, took everyone by surprise when it was suddenly rescheduled to air at 12:00. My Boss followed suit, announcing a shift to an even earlier time at 11:00 on the same day. The unexpected plot twist off-screen has gotten people joking that Chen Xingxu’s fans would have a hard time keeping up since it looks like the platforms airing his shows aren’t willing to be outdone by the other.

Thus far, My Boss has hit 8,000 points on Youku heat index while Our Interpreter which also airs on television is off to a decent start, so it really just depends on what’s your cup of tea. To think he has a third drama, iQIYI’s Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting 你的谎言也动听, opposite Zhang Yuxi.

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